Honoring the needs and respecting the dignity of our patients

All of us at NROC are dedicated to helping the people in our care maintain the best possible quality of life. Our comprehensive health care team offers an exceptional level of expertise to help meet the diverse physical and personal needs of our patients and their families. In addition to our dedication to providing the best possible medical care, we also offer a full range support services. We are committed to honoring the needs and respecting the dignity and spiritual values of our patients and their families.

Medical Team

The delivery of radiation therapy involves a skilled network of medical professionals working together throughout the full course of treatments. Please continue reading to learn about the team members' various roles.:

Radiation Oncologists are doctors who use radiation to treat people with cancer. All NROC radiation oncologists are Board Certified and have many years of experience in the safe and effective delivery of radiation for cancer treatment. Board certification means that a doctor has specialized training in his or her medical field, has passed rigorous certification exams in that field, and continues professional education in order to remain up to date in the latest treatment options. In addition, all NROC physicians are certified or trained in other related medical and technological specialties.

Radiation Oncology Nurses work closely with you and your radiation oncologist to coordinate your care. Nurses answer your questions and provide information concerning your treatment, as well as advice to help you manage any side effects. To insure that you receive personal, comprehensive care that meets your special needs, your nurse also coordinates referrals for NROC's other support services.

Radiation Therapists assist you each day in the delivery of your prescribed dose of radiation therapy and help you if you need to adjust your treatment times. All NROC therapists are Board Certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Dosimetrists and Physicists are a "behind-the-scenes" team that assists
your radiation oncologist in the critical phase of planning and designing your optimal, precise treatment plan.  All NROC dosimetrists and physicists have extensive training and experience using Image-Guided Radation Therapy planning technology, and specialized computers that import CT scans and MRI images to create the 3-D image plans.

Receptionists are the first to welcome you to NROC. They schedule appointments, coordinate medical records and take care of general office functions. They are always willing to help with insurance coverage, transportation or other such concerns you might have.

Support Services

To help our patients maintain the best possible quality of life during and after their radiation treatments, we offer a full range of support services, all provided at no cost. These include social services, nutritional counseling, financial counseling, pet therapy and art therapy, as well as a variety of education programs to meet the needs of all our patients and their families.
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Social Services:

Because people with cancer may encounter a variety of personal issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of their disease, NROC provides the services of a licensed professional social worker free of charge. Our social worker is available to counsel patients and their families regarding the social, psychological and physical challenges they may experience throughout the course of their treatment and follow-up.

Nutritional Counseling:

Following a healthful nutrition plan during and after cancer treatment is important to help patients maintain their strength. Therefore, NROC offers nutritional support and counseling free of charge. Our licensed professional dietitian is available to meet with all patients to discuss their particular nutritional needs and to answer questions about how cancer treatments may affect their appetite.

Financial Counseling:

Since the costs associated with cancer treatment may be confusing and of great concern to so many of our patients, we have experienced staff who can help you and your family with questions regarding health insurance and other related financial issues.

Exercise Program:

We are honored to help support and house the PAISBC (pronounced, Pays Back) program at NROC in Dunmore. A free program to improve quality of life and wellness for cancer patients and survivors, "Physical Activity Intervention for Surviving Beyond Cancer" is led by Abby Peck, M.A., exercise specialist and former Olympic rower. Patients (before, during or after treatment) learn ways to increase energy, reduce pain, improve range of motion, strength and balance, and restore confidence.

Education programs:

A variety of special educational and support programs are offered at both NROC sites throughout the year. Programs may focus on specific types of cancer, new treatment options, cancer research up-dates, or other medical, psychological or social topics of interest to cancer patients and their families.

In addition, our multidisciplinary medical team of professionals is available for anyone wishing to research information about their cancer on the Internet. We also offer a wide range of informative videos, DVD's, booklets and pamphlets about cancer related topics.

Our staff at NROC participates with other cancer organizations in our region that provide education and support services, such as the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

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